When purchasing a print from Hahn Digital Arts, please note:

  • All photos are taken in the field and artfully edited by Richard Hahn.
  • All prints will be signed and numbered in a limited edition manner.
  • Sizes and styles vary depending on the print selected. Unless sold without a mat, the dimensions listed include the mat or frame, not the solitary image. The photos are sized appropriately for the mat size, allowing 1” to 1.5” for the mat on each side.
  • High-gloss aluminum prints will be unframed, as there is a mounting plate on the back.
  • Canvas works best for bigger sizes.  On canvas, the prices of prints vary based on size and specific print.  The proportions of the image stay the same, but can be custom ordered up to 100” wide and 70” tall.  
  • We can do small custom orders.  Contact Hahn Digital Arts for details and pricing.
  • Taxes for purchases are based on location: Colorado State Tax = 2.9%;  Larimer County Sales Tax= 0.65%;  Estes Park City Sales Tax = 5.0%.  Delivery to anywhere outside of Colorado = zero sales tax.